10 Home Remedies for Allergies Prevention and Cure

Among a vast number of diseases and illnesses, allergies take one of the leading places. As for today, they affect millions of people worldwide, and there is no wonder sufferers want to know the methods to fight the problem. Why not get relief from drugs? That’s not forbidden. In fact, it is even recommended, BUT frustrating side effects are what people usually have to deal with after the medicine intake. If you’d like to combat allergies in the safest way ever, try homemade solutions.

What Are the Symptoms?

There are many allergy triggers; however, the symptoms remain quite common. They normally affect several organs at once and include:

  • headaches
  • a close or runny nose
  • clinical depression
  • neuralgy
  • pinkeye
  • pollinosis
  • hemicranias
  • restiveness
  • giddiness
  • puffiness of the face and eyes
  • puking
  • hives
  • bronchial asthma
  • breathlessness
  • diarrhea
  • eczema
  • fussiness

What are home remedies for allergies that can help to eliminate these conditions?

Your Helping Hand while Fighting against Allergies

#1. Green tea is the cure. The commonly used drink is active histamine. Do you want to get rid of allergic reactions? Drink 2 cups of it daily, adding some honey. Drink’s active compounds manage to inhibit the cell receptor that is included in activating various allergic responses. Green tea can fight against a number of allergic reactions, including the commonest ones:

  • cough
  • sneezing
  • watery eyes

#2. Drinking fresh fruit juices is also helpful. Specialists state that this is the finest way to overtake/forbid allergies. Why juices? They tone up the immune system in order not to fall a target to allergen that comes over. To begin with, drink 2-3 cups of fresh fruit juice during 5 days. This will affect former allergies.

#3. There is also one product that is believed to decrease one’s chances of developing allergic reactions and asthma. It is raw milk. In case the prevention of allergy is overlooked, raw milk becomes one of the best home remedies for allergies.

#4. Are reactions accompanied by hives? Then you’d better turn to oatmeal use. Mix one tablespoon of oatmeal with a cup of boiling water and keep aside for nearly half an hour. Strain the mixture and use a cotton ball to apply in over the hives. Some people choose to refrigerate the substance and use it within a few days.

#5. Use some pure honey to relieve various outdoor allergy symptoms. This product is very helpful in building up one’s immunity to a number of outdoor allergies. All you should do is take 2 teaspoons of honey daily, adding it to your favorite tea. That’s easy, don’t you agree?

#6. Omega-3 fatty acid found in Alaskan and Mackerel Tuna, as well as in salmon, work removing inflammation triggered by allergies. To stay healthy, consume more omega-3 acid.

#7. Chamomile is regarded to be natural anti-histamine, and that’s why many people use it in tea to eliminate allergies. Today chamomile is one of the greatest home remedies for allergies. To avoid allergies take 1-2 cups of tea daily. It will relieve you from various types of allergic reactions.

NB. Those, who are allergic to ragweed, are forbidden to consume chamomile tea.

#8. Wasabi provides temporary relief from first allergy symptoms. This pale-green paste promotes the flow of mucus, so allergy sufferers take ¼ teaspoon of wasabi to alleviate the symptoms they have.

#9. You can easily treat allergy with castor oil. Take 5 drops of it with any vegetable or fruit juice to eliminate skin allergies. It is suggested to take the remedy in the morning on an empty stomach to ensure benefits for skin and nasal passages.

#10. Eucalyptus is able to relieve congestion caused by allergic reactions. Put eucalyptus oil in a pan of boiling water and simply breathe in the steam.

These home remedies for allergies are recognized as the most effective. Why not use them regularly?

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