6 Essential Health Benefits of White Tea You Didn’t Know About

At times it is really hard to choose one sort of tea out of tens available on today’s market. If you don’t know what your choice should rely on, we will give you a tip – on the nutritional value of its components. Among a number of sorts of tea, white is getting more and more popular, and that’s why you must know health benefits of white tea.

What’s white tea and what is it made of? It’s made of immature leaves that are picked right before the buds are fully opened. The drink takes its name from the silver fuzz that covers the bud. It turns white after the tea is dried. One of the main characteristics of white tea is its delicate flavor that lacks grassy aftertaste as most teas have.

So, what about the health benefits of white tea? Why do you and your family members should drink it regularly? Let’s see…

Benefit 1. Less Caffeine, More Antioxidants

Unlike many other teas, the white sort has the lowest level of caffeine. An average cup contains nearly 12 mg, whereas a cup of green tea has 20 mg, and that of black – 40 mg. As there isn’t any processing, white tea preserves its levels of antioxidants, catechins and polyphenols.

Benefit 2. Cancer Prevention

Though you may say that both green and black teas also promise cancer prevention, however, when it comes to white tea, its flavonoids inhibit the growth of new cancer cells and work preventing the development of new ones. What types of cancer can regular consumption prevent? White tea consumption lowers the risks of such types of cancers as:

  • stomach
  • prostate
  • colon

No side effects and fast action are other two advantages worth mentioning.

Benefit 3. Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial

White tea has comparatively strong anti-inflammatory properties and is able to reduce the risks of rheumatoid arthritis development. This drink also reduces the symptoms of many other problems, related to chronic inflammation, pain and mild aches. When consumed regularly, it slows bacterial growth and manages to reduce viral activity.

Benefit 4. Skin Improvement

The very first thing that gives away the age is the skin condition. Spots and wrinkles are the very first signs of aging. White tea can combat the damage caused by bacteria and toxins. White tea is mostly water, so it keeps your skin well-hydrated. To prevent further toxic damage it protects kidneys and liver, making them able to target toxins and flush them out. Besides, the drink actually improves the skin repair process, thus small lines and wrinkles start receding and soon disappear. Your skin regains youthful elasticity and firmness.

Benefit 5. Bad Cholesterol Reduction

We all know how harmful bad cholesterol is. As for today, it has already become a real problem for many people and keeps affecting those, who are prone to weight gain. Why drink white tea? It works reducing the levels of bad cholesterol and increasing those of good cholesterol. For this purpose it uses its powerful antioxidants – catechins. It doesn’t mean white tea is the key element of a weight-loss process, but it definitely can become one of the vital parts.

Benefit 6. Dental Health

Thanks to fluoride content, white tea is essential for those, who want to keep their gums, teeth and bones healthy. Fluoride prevents dental problems. This is why it is frequently added to various toothpastes to provide dental protection and reduce the plaque formation risks.

Do you want to have strong teeth and bones? Drink at least 5-6 cups of white teeth daily and pretty soon you will feel the difference.

Knowing all the health benefits of white teeth is useful. This is how you can improve your overall health, without applying any special efforts or visiting doctors. Believe, trust, buy, try and ensure that you can be healthy without tons of well-advertised medicines. Drink a cup of white tea right away. What are you waiting for?

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