9 Working Home Remedies for Strep Throat

Strep throat is a common condition that is caused by bacteria. As a rule it occurs in children, but it doesn’t mean that adults are well-protected from it. So what are home remedies for strep throat that can be effectively used in order to reduce irritation as well as discomfort caused by the disease? What are the treatment options able to eliminate such symptoms as sudden fever and difficulty swallowing, rash and nausea, loss of appetite and red throat?

Home Remedy #1 – Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV (or apple cider vinegar, as it is frequently referred to) can make you feel much better pretty quickly. All you have to do is mix 8 oz of water and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Take a single tablespoon of this homemade solution and gargle it. After gargling, spit it out. The procedure should better be repeated every 30 minutes during two days. This will improve the condition significantly.

Home Remedy #2 – Honey & Lemon

These products are also effective in strep throat treatment. Take a glassful of warm water and add lemon juice and honey. If you are looking for the remedies that provide immediate relief, look no further. It is very effective in the process of healing of strep throat.

Home Remedy #3 – Inhaling Water Vapor

Specialists recommend taking deep breaths of stream with the help of a vaporizer or a humidifier. You can also lean over a sink with the hot water running. During the procedure cover the head with a towel and simply inhale the steam.

It is better to repeat the procedure once or twice per day during 10-15 minutes in order to clear the throat section.

Home Remedy #4 – Gargling Salt Water

This is a pretty simple, but still very effective home remedy for strep throat. To begin with, stir a teaspoon of salt into a small cup with some warm water. This mixture must be gargled every four hours. If necessary, you can repeat the procedure during 2-3 days. That’s one of the best ways to eliminate discomfort.

Home Remedy #5 – Garlic

Garlic has always been used in strep throat treatment, and this is why we’ve decided to include it into our list, as well. It treats the symptoms that are normally associated with common cold. Dried garlic has a number of antiviral and antibacterial properties that are pretty effective in fighting infections. That’s why it can be safely used for strep throat treatment. Consume it directly, chewing just a few pieces.

Home Remedy #6 – Fresh Lemons

These citrus fruits are quite frequently used for strep throat treatment. Suck on a lemon or simply gargle with its freshly pressed juice diluted with some warm water. Freshly squeezed lime juice can also be mixed with honey. Try and you will see that this is one of the most effective curing options ever.

Home Remedy #7 – Cinnamon

Take a cup of water and ½ teaspoon of cinnamon. Boil cinnamon in water and let the solution cool down. Add a teaspoon of honey and drink the liquid at least 4 times per day. This is one of the greatest remedies for all types of throat problems that trigger discomfort.

Home Remedy #8 – Onions

We have already mentioned garlic as one of the methods that really work, BUT there is a friend of it that can produce pretty the same effect, and its name is onion. Add some sugar to a freshly chopped onion and place it in a sealed contained. The onion will release juices that should be taken by mouth in order to clear the throat.

Home Remedy #9 – Homemade Syrup

To prepare syrup, you should combine such ingredients as onion and honey. Slice onions, cover the slices with honey and keep overnight. Take a tablespoon of the syrup three times per day to ease pain. In addition, these ingredients will also enhance the immunity and control a number of cold associated symptoms.

Use these home remedies for strep throat. Never leave the first symptoms of cold untreated, as they can develop into much serious issues that are really hard to fight.

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