Health Benefits of Tomatoes

What do you consider a tomato-A vegetable or a fruit? Well, in both the cases, its health benefits don’t fall down. Call it a fruit containing citrus element or name it vegetable to add in your daily salad, mash it to add tangy gravy in the dish, grind it to prepare flavorful sauce or prepare delicious puree to add punch of taste in your routine food, you will enjoy indulging yourself in healthy and tasty benefits of adding tomatoes in your routine diet.

Tomatoes are also know by their botanical name Lycopersicon esculentum and are really very tangy juicy enough to add versatility of taste in your routine diet. You can use them in preparing raw food such as sandwiches, salads or toasty snacks. On the other hand, they can be cooked and steamed to prepare something really savory and spicy. Whether eaten raw or cooked, a tomato adds goodness to your health. The major health benefits of tomatoes out of aplenty shared by health care and nutrition experts include following:

Apart from providing the eater with 40% of suggested vitamin C benefits and serving your body with 40 percent of the suggested daily allowance of vitamin C, 20 %, 2 % and 1 % RDAs of vitamin A, iron and calcium respectively. Here is the detailed nutrition information, which a medium sized whole tomato contains:

  • Amount of energy: 22 calories
  • Amount of carbohydrates: 5 grams
  • Amount of dietary fiber1 gram
  • Protein amount: 1 gram
  • Sodium amount: 6 milligrams
  • Amount of fat: 0 grams

They Cut Down the Risk of Cancer

  • Regular and balanced tomato intake turns your heart stronger: Lycopene is not only the reason of tomato’s read color, but it is also responsible for increasing cancer prevention strength in human body. This element turns people’s body completely immune against deadly lungs or stomach cancer.
  • Thrombosis: Blood clots in blood vessels can be a painful health issue. But, tomatoes have all the rich nutrition elements installed in it naturally, which help to keep control over this disease.
  • Tomatoes help in purifying your blood: This citrus fruit or vegetable is highly trusted natural blood purifier. It also removes the chances of blood or urine infections in human body.
  • They help you to deal with inflammation risks: Tomato juice, tomato made products or eating it in salad on regular basis can give you a flawless skin, free from the annoyance of itching or pain of inflammation.
  • Add glow to your skin: Tomatoes are rich sources of lycopene. And, this element is known as the glow booster in human skin. Thus, regular intake of tomatoes is very good sign towards your skin’s improved health.
  • Strengthen your bones: Tomatoes are famous for adding strength to your bones because they are packed with rich vitamin K and calcium. Both these nutrition elements help the individuals to strengthen their bones.
  • Tomatoes add more to your fitness: This citrus fruit or vegetable is famous for its fat free qualities. It is low calorie food item. Thus, people can consume it without being bothered about adding extra pounds to their existing weight.
  • They increase potency in males: Males suffering through the issues of impotency or reduce sex drive in them can find their solution in tomatoes. Eating tomatoes or products made by it help them to regain their potential.
  • Tomatoes also contribute in improving your eyesight: Benefits of vitamin A and iron help the individuals to get their eyesight improved. Regular intake of tomatoes.

But, in any case, if you are allergic to tomatoes and have no tolerance for Lycopene element present in them richly, its suggested to not eat raw tomatoes. Thus, you should avoid this citrus fruit’s intake in the form of salad and sandwich etc.

Thus, it is always recommended by the dieticians and nutrition care experts that in addition to health benefits of tomatoes, it is significant to look at the allergy or other side effects related issues to stay perfectly healthy.

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