The Diverse Health Benefits of Vitamin C

The vitamin nutrients are essentially natural medicines for the body. In fact, these are the most effective natural cures than any man-made drug ever discovered. There are so many benefits of vitamins, such that you cannot help but feel the awe on this extraordinary natural system of healing. Among the various vitamins, the C also plays quite some major roles. The health benefits of Vitamin C extend to developing the immune system, reducing cardiovascular risks and improving ocular health among others.

The best part is that this vitamin is available readily in common food sources. Also known as Ascorbic acid, this water soluble nutrient is available from foods such as lemon, strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower, papaya, kale, and bell peppers. Besides, you can also take in the supplements. Being water soluble, it easily assimilates in your body.

Boosts self healing properties

This vitamin greatly improves the natural healing properties of the body. While science is still fumbling to develop an effective cure for common cold, Vitamin C nutrition by taking lemon juice is an age-old remedy of curing cold. Just take your lemon juice when you contact cold, and see the inflammation, runny nose, and body aches disappear in days. The nutrient provides a significant boost to the immune system and it also assists in faster healing of wounds. This function derives from the property of the vitamin to promote the production of collagen, which plays a major role in wound healing.

Anti ageing and anti cancer

The amazing Vitamin C extends to its role as a powerful antioxidant in the body. Antioxidants neutralize the harmful free radicals in the blood stream, thereby having a cumulative effect in alleviating all the radical issues of the body. The excess of free radicals can escalate the ageing process by causing oxidative stress. Too much of oxidative stress, or the condition of ‘cellular rust’ is a precursor of several critical health conditions like heart diseases, strokes, and cancer. The Vitamin C effectively neutralizes all these negative effects. Besides the antioxidant action of preventing DNA damage by cancerous cells, this vitamin also assists in the clearance of bacterium Helicobacter pylori in the stomach. This bacterium plays an active role in triggering gastric cancer, so its clearance has a preventive anti-cancer effect.

Important role in ensuring heart health

The health benefits also relates to improving cardiovascular health. This again derives from its role in neutralizing the free radicals. These radicals can damage the walls of arteries, leading to formation of plaques. Besides, this vitamin also prevents the oxidization of cholesterol in the blood stream. It also has a healing effect on high blood pressure, alleviating the conditions of hypertension. All these benefits combine to make this wonder nutrient an effective preventive care against cardiovascular ailments. It also helps in stress relief, reducing hypertension. Stress is also a major reason of developing cardiovascular ailments. Extensive research is going on in the scientific community to interpret the cardiovascular effects of vitamin C.

Improves ocular health

The vitamin also plays a key role in improving ocular health. It acts as a preventive measure against cataract, which results as an accumulation of free radicals over the lens. Cataracts develop due to prolonged exposure of the eyes to sunlight, which causes the free radicals to develop. If you maintain a Vitamin C rich diet in a daily basis, you can effectively eliminate the possibility of developing cataracts. You can also take vitamin supplements. Dietitians recommend a daily dosage of 1000 mg for keeping the body in best health.

Benefits for diabetics

The vitamin also plays a key role in maintaining the health of diabetics by acting on the regulation of blood sugar levels. Since insulin is crucial for the vitamin to get into body cells, diabetics usually do not have sufficient vitamin in their cells. This leads to further complications like weakening the immune system. A Vitamin C supplement can forcefully increase the level of the vitamin in the body cells of diabetics. This, in turn, keeps them in good health.

With so many health benefits, you must incorporate a generous amount of this nutrient in your daily diet. Although human bodies do not produce this naturally like the Vitamin D, yet there are several foods providing this nutrition. However, try eating raw foods or slightly boiled foods because the molecules of the vitamin break down at a high temperature. When you are taking in the supplements, make sure they do not come in the form of GMO foods. The vitamin also helps in sanitizing our bodies from the heavy metal deposits within our food chain.

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