How to Get Rid of Bad Breath: 8 Exclusive Advice from Health Care Professionals

Unfortunately, even ideal people have got bad breath from time to time. More so, this is a problem faced by millions of people all over the world. Still, it’s extremely embarrassing for each of us, because we cannot isolate ourselves from others. The key thing here is to know the basics of the bad breath problem: what it is, what its causes are, how to get rid of bad breath, and how to prevent its coming back. Thus, bad breath, or halitosis, is some foul-smelling substances, put off by bacteria in the mouth. Those bacteria thrive there and hide on the tongue and tonsils, especially if you have a dry mouth. This is actually the reason why bad breath takes place. Also, you may have sore teeth, which require professional treatment. Finally, certain foods proved to cause specific smell, and they are not always garlic and onion. How to find out that you have bad breath? Generally, there are 2 common ways to identify this. The 1st one is to ‘cup’ the hands and blow out. The 2nd way is more effective: press the tongue against the hand’s back. After that, let saliva dry for 10 seconds and smell.

Observing Proper Oral Hygiene Is Your 1st Step

Of course, when not brushing and flossing regularly, your breath will smell like a rotten egg. Do not be surprised, and simply make it a habit of brushing your teeth 2-3 times daily. Besides, do it thoroughly and for a couple of minutes. Also, get used to floss daily, in order not to make a dinner party for bacteria. Lastly, scrape your tongue and clear plaques, accumulating on the folds.

7 Exact Causes of Bad Breath: Find ‘Yours’ & Fight Against

  • There is such common misconception as bad breath coming from the stomach. In reality, the smell may come from the compounds that are produced in the mouth, throat and lungs. After some foods are consumed, they start encouraging certain chemicals. In turn, they become discharged through the lungs. Can you imagine that even toothpastes can be the cause of our bad breath? That happens because their stuff promotes the production of those VSCs, above mentioned chemicals. Well, bad breath is to be taken for granted every day. Follow your diet and kill the enemy.
  • Bacteria on the tongue can be the major cause of bad breath too. Though, it is treated either with oral tongue cleaners or cleaning regime. Those bacteria help to break down certain proteins. Therefore, some amino acids with much sulfur inside can get broken down and produce various smelling compounds. So, high protein foods may cause bad breath. Think of a diet, in a word.
  • Bad Teeth are an obvious cause of bad breath, leading to some chronic toothache. If this is the reason, hurry up to get dental treatment and get rid of any smell overnight.
  • Spicy Food is a great cause of bad breath for 2-3 days after meals. Well, either spices or good breath. Besides, keep in mind such products as onions and garlic, milk and cheese, fish, coffee and alcohol.
  • Smoking is a well-demonstrated cause of bad breath. Unluckily, there is no breath treatment here. Actually, nicotine oozes from the very part of your body. Consequently, just kick the habit.
  • Tonsil Stones hold tons of bacteria and tonsil stones, as well. The foul smelling stuff is so heavy that no teeth or tongue cleaning is capable to cure it. The only good news is that stones are dissolved if necessary.
  • A dry tongue has turned to cause bad breath too. The bacteria do not like oxygen, so all dry mouths are perfect for bad breath condition.

The bad news is that it becomes rather difficult to get rid of bad breath completely. Once you’ve won the former bacteria, the next team is ready for another bad breath trigger. What to say, this is life and that is our nature.

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