How to Get Rid of Heartburn, or 7+5 Doctor’s Long-Term Recommendations

‘How to get rid of heartburn’, as well as discomfort connected with it, are regular questions of millions of people all over the globe. In fact, treating this condition is not as difficult as we all think. Everything starts with the understanding of the heartburn condition. When people hear this word, it sounds like a deadly heart attack to them. In reality, no one has to panic, as heartburn, or gastroesophageal reflux disease, is just a burning-and-painful sensation below the breastbone. Actually, it does not have anything in common with your heart. Heartburn is the process of gastric acid rising in the chest, then radiating to the throat, neck or jaw. Despite the fact it is not alarming, heartburn still causes other health problems, as well as becomes unbearable. Indeed, it’s not an attack, but you can feel like you are having one. More so, heartburn is sometimes a sign of another dangerous illness. So, why not get rid of it instead of burdening yourself with all those conditions?

7 Risk Factors To Eliminate Totally

Fatty and Acidic Food & Drinks plus Carbonated Beverages, which stimulate stomach acid secretion.
Some Prescription Medications increase the secretion of stomach acid too.
Smoking affects and relaxes LES, or the so-called lower esophageal sphincter function, that causes acid to reflux to esophagus.
Hiatal Hernia happens when the stomach part lies in the chest, but not in the abdomen.
Obesity increases pressure in the abdomen, causing heartburn.
Pregnancy also leads to abdominal pressure, which affects acid reflux.
Diseases like sarcoidosis or scleroderma have heartburn as their main symptom.

5 Natural Ways of Getting Rid of Heartburn

  • As far as heartburn starts in the stomach, it is important to watch what you eat. Carbonated sodas, fatty foods, chocolates and onions, caffeine-rich drinks, high alcohol-content and citrus fruits should be taken moderately. If you consume them in normal quantities, your system will properly process these meals. Also, neither rush, nor be too slow when eating. Besides, better have 5 small meals than 3 large ones.
  • Heartburn is one of numerous negative effects of smoking. The point is that this causes your stomach to secrete much more acid, allowing it to reflux to the esophagus. Controlling or quitting the habit will not only lessen painful sensations, but help you with worse health dilemmas.
  • Evaluate your lifestyle: daily routines, stress because of work or personal issues. Perhaps, you need some vacation? Our body is known for reacting by increased adrenaline and hormone production, stomach acids in particular. So, just think of less stress and more rest. The more stress-free your organism is, the less heartburn cases you will have.
  • Do you know that obesity and heartburn come hand in hand? This is because too much fat is accumulated in the abdomen area. Just notice how many overweight people suffer from unpleasant heartburn sensations. Therefore, cut down on acidic fatty foods, or lessen the food quantity. Another effective way is exercising. This helps to lower abdominal fat, as well as to improve the heart function.
  • If the heartburn is still your problem, then you might turn to medications. They usually alleviate pain or decrease heartburn occurrence totally. Choose from H2-receptor antagonists, or ‘H2 blockers’, antacids, alginates and proton-pump inhibitors.

Lastly, when all those modern medicines fail, maybe you should try simple remedies, in order to get rid of heartburn. Here are peppermint candies to suck on, baking soda and water to drink, apple cider vinegar plus honey as a mixture to use, fennel to eat, and so more. Otherwise, this is high time you simply appointed a visit to the doctor. Be healthy, wealthy and wise!

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