How to Get Rid of Scabies: 3 First Aid Advice To Forget about Itch Mites Forever

Do you actually know what scabies are? They are tiny mites, which are also known as ‘itch mites’, living in dug skin burrows of their hosts. If scabies infest dogs, cats or any other animals, it comes to the ‘mange’ on dogs. Luckily, this type of scabies can’t successfully live on humans. But infested with scabies individuals always transmit them from one person to another. Although scabies are very small, they can be noticed by the naked eye above the skin’s surface. The key thing here is that scabies infestation can be unseen for up to 6 weeks without any signs at all. Exactly during this period they are spreading to other people. But the occurred symptoms are commonly observed as rashes, small, itching and blister-like spots. Nevertheless, Norwegian scabies do not cause any itching. In a word, scabies are dangerous to our health, except being nasty biting bugs. Their burrowing feels like something from a horror movie. They do not disappear by simply taking a good bath. More so, these insects lay eggs and reproduce rather quickly, turning the sufferer miserable around the clock. Finally, scabies are extremely contagious. That is why it is of vital importance to be competent how to get rid of scabies as quickly as possible.

What to Do First After Identifying Scabies

Seeing a doctor for a proper diagnosis is a must for identifying your symptoms. Only a health care professional knows the best option for particular physiology. After that it is necessary to inform everyone who has come into close contact with you to lookout for scabies. Lastly, you should refuse from having intercourse or sharing a bed with anyone till you are completely cured. Frankly speaking, you should be isolated.

How to Get Rid of Scabies: 3 Useful Instructions

  • Having a horriblу and itchy rash and ‘crawling’ feeling under your skin means that scabies have already got a tunnel. Immediately visit a doctor; he will most likely prescribe 1 or 2 tubes of topical cream.
  • Get rid of all your clothing and cover every area of the body with this cream. Such a potent medicine will work wonders, though it is not a pleasant procedure. In fact, you need to spread this cream everywhere but below your neck for prescribed time. Then take a shower and wash off the cream.
  • Wash all the bedding, pillows and clothing with hot water and detergents. Also, vacuum the bedding, chair and even the floor surfaces. If to put non-washable items into large plastic bags and seal them for a few weeks, scabies will die. It’s well-known that they need feeding on you in order to reproduce.

Getting Rid of Scabies: 2 Types of Magic Creams

Mostly, the safest methods for eliminating scabies involve creams which contain either sulfur or permathrin. Both of them are lethal to scabies and harmless to humans. Never use products composed of Lindane, as this is a toxic poison, fallen out of favor.

Sulfur Cream Treatment

Sulfur creams can be purchased in most pharmacies. Apply it for 3 consecutive nights from head to toes before going to bed, without washing it off. Take your usual shower or bath only in the morning and in the evening, before your next cream application. On the 4th morning wash yourself properly, as well as your bed linens and laundry.

Permathrin Cream Treatment

Permathrin is a mitacide which usually requires just 1-2 applications, despite being more toxic. When selecting permathrin-containing products, remember that they are also marketed as ‘Elimate’.
After following all the above mentioned instructions, you’ll forget about any scabies once and for all.

It would be good if you shared the information on how to get rid of scabies with others for precaution.

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