Learn How To Shape Your Eyebrows & Look Stunning

Eyes are considered to be the most expressive feature on human face. And, beauty of this most communicative feature is outlined with neat and organized eyebrows. But, have you really had sleek and wonderfully shaped eyebrows to enhance appeal of your expressive eyes? The answer would be a ‘Big No’ because perfect eyebrows are mostly unattainable at home. And, no one can afford to go to the salon or beauty care center just to get the eyebrows right every day. Imagine, how wonderful it would be, if you are taught to get celeb like eyebrows at home with some basic tricks and tips! It’s simply exciting to know that how to shape your eyebrows at home on routine basis.

Follow the steps suggested by makeup and beauty care experts to find out the right ways to finish and polish your eyebrow shape. It will make you look beautiful and more confident about your face cut. Follow below mentioned tips and see the magical transformation on your face.

Tip 1 Understand Your Eyebrow Type

What type of eyebrow you have and how does it go with your face cut? Understanding this is very significant to plan right shape of eyebrows in your mind. Whether you need straight eyebrows, in arch shape or in round shape, you can get it right once you have understood your face cut and suitability of eyebrow style with it.

Tip 2 Collect Accessories And Tools That You Will Need

The process of finishing and shaping your eyebrow is dependent upon certain tools, which play the most important role in the entire process. Here’s the checklist of these items:

  • Eye brow pencil
  • Thread
  • Eye Brow brush
  • Thin stick
  • Mirror

Tip 3 Touch Up The Inner Edge

Once you are ready with all the tiny eyebrow shaper tools, you can begin the process. First and most sensitive part is to shape up and lift the inner edge of your eyebrow. For this, you will have to place the stick in perpendicular to your face and mark the highest point near your eyebrow end with the pencil. This gives you a starting point, from where the shape of your eyebrow is going to begin.

Tip 4 Touch Up The Outer Edge

For getting the quality shape for outer edge of your eyebrow, the next thing, which you have to do, is using the stick from the outer edge of your nose line till the outer edge of your eyes. This tells you the ending point of the eyebrow.

Tip 5 Shaping Up The Arch

Arch is the beauty of every eyebrow. It makes your eyes look bigger, brighter and impressive. Thus, adding the arch shape is very important when you plan to finish your eyebrows. For this, you just have to determine the highest arch point in your eyebrow, which you can do with the help of thin stick or ruler, by placing it on either side of your nose for either eyebrow.

Tip 6 Final Finishing Touches

Once the internal and outer shape of eyebrows are done, you can simply move ahead to give them final finishing touches, so that they look polished, refined and attractive. For this, you can use eyebrow pencil and brush to make them look organized in the given shape. Apply pencil in the bald spots left somewhere amongst the entire eyebrow.

Following these things with clarity and neatness, you can get desired results. There are few things, which you need to be clear about while molding your eyebrows in the desired shape. Things points help you to avoid any blunders and confirm you the positive results.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Pluck the extra hair gently by using right plucking tool. Don’t get too harsh during this time. It may cause damage to your eyebrow skin.
  • Be patient because getting desired eyebrow shape out of what type of existing shape you have on your eyes takes time. So don’t rush.
  • Each face has its unique appeal. Thus, you cannot imagine having your eyebrows looking exactly like someone else. It’s smart to beautify what you have and as per your face cut.

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