Health Benefits of Vitamin D

One of the most amazing natural processes of the body is that of the synthesis of Vitamin D under the skin in response to UV rays from the sun. For once, if you realize this automatic process of the body, you cannot help but surprise yourself with the fact that like plants, human bodies also use the energy from sunlight in a complex somatic procedure. The effect of sunshine on your physical system extends to the DNA level, with Vitamin D directly affecting around 2000 genes! This is a significantly deep effect, and the full impetus of the health benefits of Vitamin D is still a topic of active research. Nevertheless, scientists and researchers deduced quite a few amazing benefits of the sunshine vitamin.

Developing physical strength

It appears that human beings derive their strength directly from the source of life, the sun. This vitamin plays an active role in enabling absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the bones, which are the two key foundations of bone strength. A deficiency in calcium and phosphorus in the bones can result in conditions like osteoporosis and osteomalacia. In osteoporosis, the bones become fragile. Osteomalacia is the condition of having soft bones. However, just soaking in sunshine may not be enough to supply the necessary amount of D Vitamin.

Apart from the role in strengthening bones, the vitamin also plays a constructing role in developing muscle strength. Lower levels of this nutrient can lead to muscle fatigue. If you undertake heavy exercise on a daily basis, consider incorporating a calculated amount of Vitamin D in your diet. You need to incorporate foods rich in this vitamin and may need to take additional supplements. However, be careful with the amount of supplement, as excesses are difficult for the body to process. A daily intake of about 900 IU (International Units) of this nutrient is within the safe limits.

Positive effect on diabetes

Diabetes treatment, like many other medical conditions is largely a mystery. However, recent research suggests that the amount of Vitamin D in the blood has a direct effect on the insulin secretion system of the body. Calcium plays a major role in insulin secretion, and absorption of calcium depends on the vitamin. In addition, scientists found the beta cells of the pancreas (insulin secretors) have a high concentration of this essential vitamin.

Controlling excess weight

The health benefits also include its role in weight management. This vitamin generates the necessary signals in the brain to increase the secretion of leptin in the body. Leptin plays a major role in suppressing appetite, thereby leading you to eat less. Apparently, you are indirectly feeding on sunlight through this vitamin. High amounts of this vitamin can lower the BMI. Scientific studies suggest that the vitamin can directly help in burning calories. Apparently, the sunlight also indirectly burn the excess calories through the natural synthesis of Vitamin D. This is just another reason to realize the essential ‘light being’ within you.

Helping in hypertension

Hypertension is the condition of excess blood pressure. Research suggests that Vitamin D plays a significant role in lowering the blood pressure and relieving hypertension. A prolonged deficiency in this essential nutrient can lead to long-term blood pressure problems. Have your vitamins daily to stay unstressed. High blood pressure is a major cause of stress. It is naturally available in fatty fishes like trout, sardines, and salmon. Cereal and milk are two other major sources of this nutrient.

Improving natural immunity

You need to recognize the power of your natural immune system. Medicines often only act to suppress the symptoms of a disease. To cure, you need to have a strong immune system. Among the many benefits of Vitamin D, its role in boosting immunity deserves special mention. Besides, since the nutrient generates directly under the skin under the influence of sunlight, it also improves skin health. Sunlight exposure can actually help you to have a healthy and glowing skin.

Paradoxically, the sunscreen lotions to ‘protect’ your skin from UV rays are actually doing the opposite of ‘protection’, as these hinder the production of the vitamin beneath the skin. However, excess of UV is bad for health, as it produces free radicals (so the sunscreens have some positive effects after all). Additional benefits of this amazing nutrient include improving liver and kidney health. It also has anti cancer properties, boosting the immune system to prevent abnormal multiplication of the cancerous cells.

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