Let Your Hair Strands Grow: Home Remedies For Hair Loss

Gone are the times, when ‘bad hair days’ were occasional or driven by growing age. These days, every single day has turned bad hair day. You can see your hair strands lying dead on the floor, in the clogged drain chamber, strangled in the comb and above all, on your shoulders. You feel so helpless when you see the sign of your beauty falling down like this and you really don’t know how to control it. But, the truth is that you can easily control hair fall and turn your hairs shiny, smooth and healthy. For this, all that you need to do is look for some reliable home remedies for hair loss and stick to them forever.

Before you start taking any particular treatment, it is very important to understand the roots and reasons behind hair fall. Some of the major causes behind excessive hair loss and hairs losing their beauty appeal include intake of poor nutritious food, lack of protein in human body, any prolonged ailment, heavy intake of steroids, dirt and pollution, improper care of hairs, dandruff, increased levels of stress, split ends, aging and hormonal changes. These causes are mostly visible yet ignored by people because they are way busy in their work life to take care of their health & beauty. But, each one of these reasons is vulnerable and can be eliminated with the usage of smart home remedies for hair loss.

Following are few quick tips for making your hair grow faster and prevent their unwanted fall:

  • Keep your hair clean and balanced, from roots/scalp till ends.
  • Make sure you get the split ends treated on periodic basis
  • Eat protein rich diet, add vitamins and iron in your daily food
  • Avoid intake of caffeine, alcohol and other nicotine based products
  • Comb your hairs gently and thoroughly on routine basis for proper flow of blood in your head and scalp. It helps in tremendous hair growth.
  • Do hot oil massage to keep the scalp healthy and prevent hair fall
  • Don’t forget to drink a lot of water, which will keep your hair hydrated

Apart from these quick tips to prevent hair loss and improve hair growth, there is a lot more that you need to know in the series of home remedies for hair loss. The tips are easy and many in count. You can adopt them in your routine life and help your hair to grow better without being damaged.

Here are few things to avoid for preventing hair loss

Don’t use hot water to wash your hair

The best of all home remedies for hair loss is that you should never wash your hair with hot water. Always use the cold water or water at room temperature to ensure no negative impact on the roots. Warm or hot water can loosen the hold of roots and hair fall increases.

Don’t blow-dry your hair & also avoid excessive styling

Blow drying is harmful for your hair. It increases hair fall and reduces hair growth. It is important for you to avoid the certain hairstyles, where you need to tie your hair tight.

Don’t color your hair

Coloring your hair or treating them chemically will cause heavy hair fall. Make sure you keep your hair natural and away from such synthetic treatments. Remember, beauty is always natural. You need not to try anything synthetic to look beautiful.

Don’t take stress

As per hair care experts, stress is major reason of hair fall. Don’t let any negative thought park in your head. Keep it worry free and take some good sleep to have healthy hair.

There is no short cut or no secret to healthy and long hair. It is just a little bit of amendment in your routine life, which will turn you more beautiful and healthy.

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