Top 7 Potential Health Benefits of Green Tea

Why do they say that health benefits of green tea are so numerous that this is, perhaps, one of the best drinks to be consumed? Haven’t you ever asked a question like that? One word or sentence is not enough to give a full answer.

Theanine, caffeine, phenolic acids, theaflavins, theophylline and theobromine are just a few elements found in this drink. In addition, it possesses antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-mutagenic and anti-bacterial properties. On the whole, this is one of useful drinks for the overall body health. However, there are several conditions that require its regular use. Let’s learn more about them.

  • Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. How can green tea help to treat the conditions that are hardly treated with modern medicines? It acts delaying the deterioration that is usually caused by Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Green tea protects brain cells from dying and works restoring those that have been damaged.
  • Cancer. Green tea is one of the natural remedies that help to prevent and fight cancer. Various researches, conducted by scientists from around the globe, proved that this drink prevents different types of cancer:
  1. prostate
  2. breast
  3. pancreatic
  4. esophageal
  5. colorectal
  6. stomach
  7. lung
  8. bladder

The beverage has special elements called catechins, which are able to prevent cell mutation, reduce the formation, as well as growth, of tumors and deactivate definite carcinogens. In order to take all the anti-cancer health benefits of green tea, you should drink at least 3-4 cups of it daily.

  • Weight-loss process. There exists a whole bunch of diets that include green tea as a main weight-loss product, and that’s a wise decision. Why green tea? It assists in the weight-loss process, enhancing metabolism and fastening the fat storage consumption of one’s body. Want to get slimmer without any adverse reactions and possible complications? Drink a cup of tea in the morning and in a few weeks you’re going to lose a few pounds of your excess weight.
  • Diabetes. As for now, green tea is effectively used in the process of blood sugar levels control. It acts preventing type 1 diabetes development and assists in slowing down its progression, if it has already developed. If a patient has type 1 diabetes, his body doesn’t produce insulin. So, his organism doesn’t convert starches, sugar and other foods into the energy that is needed for daily life. And green tea is a natural treatment option that regulates glucose in one’s body.
  • Brain cells restoration. Tea catechins (flavonoids) possess certain antioxidants with anti-inflammatory activities that are able to penetrate into the brain barrier and work protecting neuronal death in an array of animal and cellular models of neurological diseases. The drink’s extract has a neuroprotective effect that assists in recovery from neuronal damage.
  • Heart diseases. Strokes and heart diseases can be easily prevented, if a person, who’s now at a risk of having them, drinks green tea on a regular basis. The drink lowers cholesterol levels, prevents cell deaths and is able to speed up their recovery even after the heart attack.
  • Liver diseases. According to the latest studies, those, who drink more than ten cups of green tea daily, are less likely to develop liver diseases. The drink also protects liver from toxic substances and against liver tumors development. Catechins present in green tea treat liver inflammation from the virus (viral hepatitis).

Now you know about the basic health benefits of green tea. Of course, there are a lot more, but we’ve mentioned those that are related to the commonest diseases people from all over the world suffer from. We hope that you and your family will take into account that green tea is a healthy and useful drink to be consumed. Avoid and treat serious health issues safely.

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