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TikTok Ads strategy

TikTok Ads has become one of the newest digital marketing pioneers, which has been hits since late 2022 and is still increasingly popular today.

TikTok is a social media platform based on creative user videos developed by a Chinese company.

The uniqueness of TikTok is that it is based on video, user generated content (UGC), and is brief but rich in information. This has changed the mindset of the entertainment world today.

One that can be used is TikTok Ads. As a Brand Owner, you can carry out advertising strategies on TikTok Ads easily.

However, note that this advertising platform is still new. Those of you who don’t understand advertising on TikTok Ads, of course you need A / B testing or trial and error in advertising activities.

1. Take Advantage of Trends That are Hits

TikTok Ads strategy

The first advertising strategy on TikTok Ads, you can implement trends that are currently hits or are on the rise.

Through the TikTok platform, trends come one after another and are marked by the large amount of content that uses special hashtags or music.

This is because there are so many spectators or audiences who feel entertained or just follow trends that many other users do.

If an ad made by an advertiser is interesting or uses a trending or hit theme, it is not impossible that many audiences will be interested in the ad that is made.

2. Using Out of The Box Visual Ads

Out of the box TikTok content

The second point, it is also important to use visual advertisements that are out of the box, one of which is attractive visuals. These visuals can mean:

  • Unique and out of the box idea
  • Use imaginative effects
  • Visually as creative as possible

Basically, visuals are an important point in video content, especially advertisements on TikTok which are based on video content.

Good, interesting and unique promotional video content makes it easier for the audience to be interested in the ad.

If you, as a TikTok Ads Advertiser, want to create advertisements that are able to attract a large audience and viewers, then you can use good and attractive visuals.

In fact, it is not impossible that with the advertising content that is created, viewers can see it repeatedly.

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3. Convey Messages Briefly, Concisely, and Clearly

Clearly message of TikTok Ads

This is important because it is the habit of TikTok users to often skip video advertisements on TikTok.

So, it’s important to pay attention not to create long ad content, such as 1 minute or even more.

It is recommended to create TikTok Ads content with only a maximum of 30 seconds, or even 15 seconds. Most importantly, the content can be conveyed to users.

Because indeed, basically a good advertisement is an advertisement in which all messages can be conveyed to the audience.

Video ads that are too long or rambling in duration can make the audience feel bored.

As one of the worst consequences, ads can be skipped. Thus, the message made in an advertisement will not be conveyed clearly and maximally.

4. Get the Audience Involved and Participate Actively

TikTok Ads user active participately

Another advertising strategy on TikTok Ads is being able to invite active participation through challenges or challenges.

Moreover, TikTok is synonymous with interesting challenges and is generally followed by many users from various backgrounds, both young and adults.

Therefore, you can take advantage of this challenge by exploring the combinations of social media marketing campaigns that you have created.

By creating challenge content that is popular and can be participated in by many people, the proportion of video advertisements becomes more targeted and gets more views.

So, you can create exposure for a brand or business with even more reach by leaving deep messages.

5. Choose the Right and Appropriate Ad Type

Brand takeover

Through the TikTok Ads platform, there are various kinds or types of advertisements that can be displayed, here are some of them:

  • In-feed videos, videos that will appear and mingle with other content on your for page (FYP)
  • Brand takeover, appears when the user has just opened a social media application and displays full screen for 3 to 10 seconds which can be skipped
  • Hashtag challenge, a challenge to active TikTok users to make videos based on predetermined themes
  • Augmented Reality (AR), creates a filter and sticker from a brand that has been made for use by users
  • TopView ads, ads that are seen by users at the top of feeds that can increase the value of business brand awareness

Moreover, active users of TikTok each month reach up to 800 million users and almost rival YouTube.

This is what creates the potential to gain a lot of profit when using TikTok Ads.

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The final word

So, it is very important to carry out an advertising strategy on TikTok Ads, especially now that there are so many advertisers who are actively advertising on the TikTok platform.

On the other hand, it is also important to understand the various types of other ads, such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads themselves.

However, by looking at the increasingly familiar composition of TikTok and the large number of users, it requires an advertising strategy on TikTok Ads.

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