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Digital marketing trend in 2023

The digital marketing trend in 2023 is predicted to see many changes, one of which is in the field or industry of artificial intelligence (AI).

This was revealed because it is based on an analysis of consumer behavior, in which customers are happier and tend to be prospects for entertaining content.

Moreover, for each specific period, periods or market conditions will always change. So, really mature knowledge is needed to be ready to face digital marketing in 2023.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers are more likely to be active in making purchases through online or digital things.

So, what are the digital marketing trend in 2023? What are the changes and possible risks?

1. Use of AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Marketers can take advantage of AI and machine learning technologies to increase the effectiveness of marketing techniques.

One that is currently booming is ChatGPT which is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

This ChatGPT is one proof of AI trends in 2023 and the following years which will be even more massive, moreover the information collected and written by AI is increasingly relevant and readable.

Some examples of its use can be seen in:

  • Marketing automation to manage campaigns more efficiently.
  • Designing messages that are more personalized for customers to be more targeted.
  • Efforts to shorten the segmentation process of customer data originating from email, websites and social media.
  • Companies should start considering investing in this technological innovation.

In addition to efficiency, this automation can also maximize several parts of the customer journey.

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing

The second digital marketing trend in 2023 is that a good content marketing strategy can help you achieve predetermined marketing objectives.

Content marketing is not only content that focuses on user information, but there are marketing inserts, both hard-selling and soft-selling in order to reach the desired conversions.

The strategy in question does not only cover the type of content that is created, but also the process from upstream to downstream that must be planned optimally.

Starting from the process of planning, documentation, to evaluation.

Regarding the type of content, short video formats and visual content are considered to be trends in the following year.

3. Livestream Shopping

Livestreaming shopping

Livestream shopping is now increasingly booming and is widely used by various brands to generate sales, ranging from fashion, beauty, to home furniture brands.

Moreover, livestreaming shopping currently exists on various social media and giant marketplaces, such as Shopee to TikTok.

Unlike ordinary video or visual content, live streaming allows for more interactive and real-time communication with consumers.

In addition, consumers can also immediately see the product in a more real way before deciding to buy.

This can get rid of the doubts of consumers who are afraid that the goods purchased will not meet expectations.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing

The digital marketing trend in 2023 that will always be there is email marketing and will never be timeless.

In fact, the use of email marketing is still considered effective even in the midst of many marketing technology innovations.

Why is that?

Let’s say you follow the social media account of your favorite shoe brand. Can you always see every content they create?

Most likely, you will definitely miss some of the content. This can be caused by timing, filters, or the social media algorithm.

This does not happen in email marketing, where promotional information can be sent to all target consumers.

Nevertheless, marketers still need to think about the best strategy to reduce the bounce rate and prevent consumers from unsubscribing.

5. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing

It is considered that the trend that has been running for the past few years will continue to boom until next year.

Reporting from E-commerce Fastlane influencers were able to increase sales by 5 times! Cool isn’t it?

Another clear proof of this is the success of BitterSweet by Najla. Apart from creating quality and interactive social media content, BitterSweet by Najla doesn’t hesitate to partner with influencers to run promotions.

The influencer marketing strategy was able to boost sales so that now BitterSweet by Najla has become a dessert box brand that is attached to many people, even to this day and beyond.


Digital marketing

Digital marketing trend in 2023 will continue to evolve and change from time to time.

All of this is inseparable from what is called targeted advertising, data analysis, and a far more optimal customer experience.

On the other hand, digital marketing is an effective way to reach a wide audience and promote your business or product online.

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