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Facebook Ads vs TikTok Ads 2023

Competition in the advertising platform business is indeed unpredictable. What originally started with Facebook Ads, has now started to switch to TikTok Ads.

This Chinese TikTok platform can hypnotize millions of users around the world, including in Indonesia. The habits of today’s internet users are inseparable from scrolling TikTok.

This is what makes business people start thinking about switching immediately and promoting services and products on the TikTok platform.

In fact, it can be said that Facebook is one of the predecessor platforms. However, its existence is now being abandoned and people are starting to switch to TikTok.

So, what about the Facebook Ads vs TikTok Ads 2023 competition? What are the advantages between the two platforms and which one is the most appropriate?

Get to know the Advertising Platform

Advertising platform

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is one of the advertising media networks owned by Facebook that allows personal users to advertise in marketing posts, services and products offered.

At first, advertising on Facebook could only be done by experts or certain brands that worked with Facebook.

However, as technology develops, Facebook releases the Facebook Audience Network to handle all advertising on smartphones and mobile applications.

Meanwhile, Facebook Ads in Indonesia have become popular since 2010, but this system is only known by certain advertisers.

Over time, Facebook ADs are constantly developing and adding new, sophisticated features.

TikTok Ads

Currently, the TikTok platform is indeed one of the platforms most loved and used by generation Z.

One of the advantages is a variety of short videos that allow users to make videos creatively.

TikTok Ads itself is a feature provided by TikTok in developing a business that is owned through advertising on TikTok.

These tools offer a platform that can be said to be strong in helping brands get the attention of millions of TikTok users around the world.

For advertising between Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads, the mechanism and framework are of course the same. However, TikTok is far superior because it is video-based.

Facebook Ads vs TikTok Ads, Which is Superior in 2023?

Return of Investment (ROI)

Talking about the advantages or advantages of each of these advertising platforms, of course, has its own advantages.

However, Facebook is currently the superior platform because it has a database of up to 2 billion users.

Meanwhile, TikTok is also on the rise, which is liked by many Gen Z, which is not impossible to be a serious competitor to Facebook.

Advantages of Facebook Ads

  1. User reach can be customized according to detailed targeting and cost-saving capabilities.
  2. Ability to conduct A/B testing individually to find the right combination of creatives and ad campaigns for your audience.
  3. Profits or return on investment (ROI) can be maximized more quickly.
  4. Able to retarget ad campaigns if previously not successful.

Advantages of TikTok Ads

  1. The average audience is dominated by Gen Z born 1995 to 2010 who have grown together with the internet as a potential customer.
  2. TikTok user engagement tends to be high, proven by each user spending at least 80 minutes a day.
  3. Wide market reach is evidenced by 93% of brands acquiring new customers from uploaded video content.

So Which Is Better?

The two platforms are indeed good channels to help drive brand awareness and sales.

Facebook Ads offers more features and can also be connected to advertise on the Instagram platform.

TikTok Ads have a higher cost, but can actually be said to be affordable in the long run.

Both Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads, both must be tried and later you can compare according to business performance to choose the right platform.

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The Final Word

So, do you understand how Facebook Ads vs TikTok Ads will be in 2023?

For those who are really still learning about advertising, it would be nice to try Facebook Ads first, before jumping into TikTok Ads.

Because the Facebook Ads dashboard is the most basic advertising dashboard which can later be used to expand to the TikTok Ads platform more easily.

Meanwhile, if you are a reliable marketer, then there’s nothing wrong with trying the TikTok Ads platform right away.

Moreover, the advertising platform on TikTok Ads has so many channels that can be used with 5 variations of advertising to make it easier to serve as brand awareness for a business.

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